About me

My Inspiration Lounge is a reflection of everything that I love and want to do in life. To share my journeyand empower women around the world to rediscover their passions, I created an inspirational resourcewith “gem” websites and articles thatinspire, inform and help us make theimpossible — possible. I am thrilled you’re here!!

70% of women turn to the web for research and 66% use it to connect with people when they’re going through life-changing events. Over two years ago I turned to the web for inspiration and found it daunting to find sites I could trust or content that spoke to me. Because so many women turn to the web for advice and support, they should have a positive website or destination they can trust to bring them the best inspiration and resources on the web  – all in one convenient place. This is why I launched My Inspiration Lounge for women! Glad you’re here!

My Inspiration Lounge is a unique destination and one-stop shop featuring the best of web to help women stay healthy, pursue their passions, give back, live green, launch a business or see the world, all in one convenient place! My Inspiration Lounge offers women daily inspiration, in all aspects of life, to help them create change in minutes.

Think of My Inspiration Lounge as your new favorite bookstore: A cozy place online to lounge around and get inspired. Sort of like your favorite bookstore where you explore various sections discovering inspiration, ideas, answers, aha! moments in every corner. The best part, you leave refreshed and didn’t have to waste time digging to find the good stuff. If I could virtualy serve you some coffee, tea or wine I would!

What you can expect: a drama-free zone, no celebrity gossip, websites you can trust (I hand-pick each one), articles that inspire, useful/practical tips and undiscovered websites mixed in with household names (I love trailblazers like Oprah, Martha, Real Simple, Maria Shriver and Paula Deen). First and foremost, I try to support entrepreneurs whenever possible.

What you won’t find here: Sites that aren’t safe, full of ads or controversy. I have filtered through all this and believe me, there is plenty of it out there.

What was that website again? Think of MyInspirationLounge.com as one big bookmark. I update the content often but also leave the majority of the websites in place to be a resource for when you need to find them again. Besides, most of the valuable content I roundup is timeless and could be revisited often for a refresher.

My Inspiration Lounge has changed peoples lives. See what the fans are raving about!