Seychelles – 5 ways to make it a perfect getaway

Seychelles is a collection of 115 islands spattered across the Indian Ocean and offers the perfect chance to wash away your worries in the turquoise waters and powdery white sand beaches. The best thing to do for a perfect getaway to an exotic island is usually to just do nothing; lie on the beach, soak in the warm sun, enjoy a cocktail and a good book and just relax. But apart from this obvious lazing about in vacation mode, there are certain things you can do in these beautiful tropical islands to make your vacation truly a trip of a lifetime.

Diving and snorkeling

When visiting an exotic tropical island, discovering the local marine life is a must. The waters are rich in over a 100 species of tropical fish and you can swim with sea turtles, bat fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, and if you visit in October you can even chance upon a whale shark. One of the best snorkeling opportunities is offered by the Sainte Anne National Marine Park, Baie Ternay Marine Park and Anse Major Beach at Mahe Island, among many other underwater wonderlands.

Island hopping

To add more excitement and dimension to your Sychelles experience, be sure to draw up an island hopping itinerary. There are many travel options available to take you to neighboring islands such as plane, boat, or even helicopter rides, but the best way is probably by air which helps to decrease travel time, and also gives you a chance to take in the breathtaking views.  Three islands you absolutely must visit are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Spa day

A vacation is not a vacation without a relaxing massage to help release all kinds of tension from your body, mind and soul. Whether you book a couple’s massage, a spa date with your girlfriends or a solo experience, there is no best way to relax than to be pampered by the best professional therapists with a magic touch. There are resorts that offer these services under the stars and by the sea. The best Spas to try are the Four Seasons and Banyan Tree.

Take a Hike

A great way to explore all that nature has to offer on these immensely green islands is to pick one of the many trails and go for a hike. You will come in contact with many wildlife species and will be astounded by all it has to offer, and the music of nature and the wild scents are almost meditative, making you forget all your cares. Some of the trails you can choose are Copolia in Mahe, Glacis Noire in Praslin and Morne Blanc in Mahe. Make sure to climb to the peak of Morne Blanc so you can take in the majestic views of the water rolled out in front of you.

Botanical Gardens, Mahe

botanic garden mahe 500x342The Seychelles National Botanical Gardens at Mahe’s capital of Victoria is the perfect way to escape for the nature-lover. It is one of Seychelles oldest National Monuments dating back more than a century. It is rife with old and widespread exotic plant species spread across 5 acres of landscaped and perfectly maintained tropical gardens. Many of the spice and fruit trees consist of exclusive species found nowhere else in the world. The most popular attraction are the ancient giant turtles some of which are over 150 years old.

Valee de Mai Nature Reserve

Experience nature in its most raw form; don’t miss out on Seychelles’ various nature reserves, namely the Valee de Mai Nature Reserve and Aride Island Nature Reserve. The Velee de Mai Nature Reserve is a natural palm forest at the center of Praslin Island reserved almost completely in its natural state. It is home to the botanical wonder of coco de mer trees, and the endangered Black Parrot, and the beautiful forest was once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, a true heaven on earth

Enjoy the sun

Whether we come from humid climates or not, with our busy lives of rigid 9-5 routines, we never take out the time to appreciate the simple things in life. Make sure you make your vacation in the tropical islands a true getaway by enjoying your time in the sun, and making sure to watch the sun rise and set as much as you can. The watery horizon will make these experiences even more magical and this is something you can neither recreate, nor forget.

Bask in all of what Seychelles has to offer, so that you go home completely relaxed and rejuvenated, without any regrets to make you feel like your vacation was incomplete but at the same time feeling the need to go back and do it all again.

Slopes Galore: 5 Greatest Snowboarding Destinations

The best thing about winters is snow. Winters are near and snowboarders are desperately waiting for some adventure. This is the best part of the year for thrill seekers as they get to enjoy snowboarding and skiing in cold weather. Even a snow covered floor will make a good snowboarding platform but there are some destinations specially dedicated to such adventurous sports. Below, we have a list of top 5 snowboarding destinations that will surely provide the ultimate snowboarding experience.

1. Mammoth Mountain

Just like its name, the Mammoth Mountain is huge and full of beautiful curves. This resort is really famous for skiing and snowboarding. It has huge hollow areas which are best to elevate the speed. The points of this mountain are amazing and you can snowboard from low to high ends with exciting speed. This mountain has spectacular slopes that create an amazing snowboarding experience. A must visit place for snowboarding lovers.

2. Snowbird Ski Resort

snowbird 500x342Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can enjoy snowboarding at Snowbird Ski Resort. This resort has a good slope time and you can enjoy 85 runs on 2,500 acres of snow filled area. Situated in Utah, this beautiful mountain attracts a lot of crowd in winters. The slopes provide a perfect platform for snowboarding. There are steep slopes for professional snowboarders and smooth slopes for the beginners. This place is very popular amongst tourist and many people come here especially to enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

3. Zermatt

Situated in the beautiful Switzerland, this skiing zone is world famous. There are three different skiing zones and each one has its own charm and thrill. The slopes are amazing and snowboarders can enjoy a drop of about 7,152 feet vertically. The mountain is a dream for snowboarders and you can enjoy spectacular views while you drop from the top. This resort also has a lot of restaurants and many tourists visit this place in winters to see the amazing snow covered mountains.

4. St. Anton

st anton 500x342Situated in Austria, St Anton is the most popular snowboarding site. Also voted as one of the best snowboarding destinations by World Snowboard Guide, this place has amazing terrain. St Anton is a dream come true for snowboarders and skiers as it has got beautiful slopes including steeps and deep power. All the slopes of the resort are covered with trees that give a fantastic view.

5. Crested Butte

Situated in Colorado USA, this resort is only for pro snowboarders. This resort has said to have one of the most difficult slopes and curves that only a professional could nail. The entire resort is full of heavy snow and steep slopes. One of the most dangerous slopes can be found in Crested Butte. This resort is especially for the real thrill seekers and professionals. Don’t try to play with your luck if you are at beginner level. Due to its steep slopes, this resort is tagged as one of the most challenging snowboarding resorts.

Skiing in Europe: Best Slopes on the Continent

To get the most value out of Europe’s finest ski resorts, you need to choose the right time of the year. You do not want to visit when the place is too crowded, but you do not want to go to a deserted location either. Most mountain resorts open in mid November to late April. Finland, however, remains open until June because of its arctic cold weather. The earlier you go, the more snow you will get. If you go later, the skiing condition might not be as favorable, but you will have more time on your hands because the sun will stay up longer, and you can ski till you are content.

When selecting a resort to go late skiing in, select one with altitude of more than 6000ft., it will be colder meaning the snow will last longer. Prices can be at its peak at the end of the year. Peak season for skiing falls among Christmas, New Year, and Easter. So if you avoid these days it will be a lot cheaper. January is the time to find the hottest deals, with the added advantage of being quiet and more peaceful.

If you are going on skiing holiday in Europe, then check out some of these popular locales known for being a skier’s paradise.

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Known for its best on-mountain drinking and dining, to many Zermatt is the ultimate ski resort. Located at the altitude of 7000 feet, Zermatt offers more than 60 on-slope restaurants and cafes spread over its three mountains and 153 miles of terrain, from an old farmhouse turned into a bar to the five-star Findlerhof restaurant. Don’t miss the ride on the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car — the highest in the Alps — on which you can descend 12 miles into the Italian area of Cervinia. Take a day off from skiing and visit the Matterhorn Museum to learn about the history of the mountain and the first ascent. For R&R, visit Hotel Post Zermatt and enjoy the bars and the live music it has to offer.

2. Alagna, Italy

Known for its mountains that offer up to 115 miles of free riding, Alagna is the jewel of northern Italy, and also provides access to two additional ski areas, Champoluc and Grissoney. If it’s nightlife you are looking for, there is only one place, the Caffé delle Guide. You can stay at Indren Hus, which is quite close to the gondola and one of the few places to stay in Alagna. There are not many activities in Alagna but skiing, so arrive in good shape and make full use of your trip.

3. Mürren, Switzerland

Located in a corner of the Swiss Alps, and accessible only by a train or cable car, Mürren is a car-free village that offers only 33-miles of slopes. Low-key locals tap vast fields of uncharted territory and duck off into the backcountry. Ride the 007 cable car to the top of the mountain, and grab breakfast buffet at the Piz Gloria, the rotating restaurant featured in the 1969 James Bond flick. If you like racing down a slope, go in January and sign up for the Inferno, a 1,800-person derby-style race. Stay at the family-run Hotel Eiger for a warm vibe and stunning views of the Jungfrau. By the way, make sure to drink at the Gondel Bar, a tiny bar in an old cable car.

4. Kitzbühel, Austria

Known as the best place to watch snow sports, every January, over 50,000 ski-racing fans pack Kitzbühel to watch the world’s best skiers compete in the most prestigious downhill race on the World Cup circuit. If you’re a good skier, try skiing icy black diamonds, test your skills on the Streif, as the downhill course is known, a puckering two-mile-long track filled with huge airs, steep slopes, and death defying turns. If you’d like to stay in Kitzbühel for the races, book at least six months in advance.

5. Chamonix, France

Best known for its ‘lift’ accessed steeps! For skiers, Chamonix is the motherland. The 16 km strip houses one bustling town, five ski areas, and lift access to some of the most dangerous slopes in the world. Chamonix offers a multitude of slopes for all levels, each ski area having its own merit. Long slopes, skiing through the trees, freeride, and beginners slopes. The Aiguille du Midi cable car delivers you to the front door of Mont Blanc. Ski all the way down to the valley floor all the way through the steep 10,000 feet. For something a little less daring, try the Vallée Blanche, a glacial valley. A knowledgeable guide is advised, because there is so much terrain to choose from, it’s not well marked, and it’s easy to get into trouble fast if you do not have a guide.

Dubrovnik International Airport


Dubrovnik International Airport (IATA code: DBV) is located in Croatia. The popular airport serves approximately 15 million passengers a year from its main terminal and single runway.  The airport property is located on the western coastline of Croatia along the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the Dalmatian region of the country. The airport serves as a hub for Croatia Airlines and provides a variety of destinations and routes to both domestic and international travelers.

Brief History

Dubrovnik International Airport began operations in 1962. Today the airport lays claim to an ultra-modern passenger terminal. The original terminal was demolished and replaced by a new one in 2010 with a capacity to handle approximately 2 million passengers a year. Additional expansion of the terminal is planned for 2015.


dubrovnik-airport 500x342Facilities at Dubrovnik International Airport are located throughout the main passenger terminal. Services include coffee shops in the domestic and international departure lounges, duty-free shopping in the international departure lounge, banking services, luggage wrapping services, and exchange bureaus in the international arrival and departure lounges. Additional services provided by the airport facilities include ATM machines, small duty-free shops, snack bars and a coffee shop as well as a VIP and business lounge.

Car Hire Services

Car hire services at Dubrovnik International Airport are plentiful with over a dozen options from both internationally known and domestic car hire agencies. The current size of the airport makes access to and from car rental stations to vehicles easy. Rental car agencies are located on the south side of the international departures terminal and accessible by foot or shuttle bus services. Car hire providers located at the airport include but are not limited to:

For more information regarding car options, types, sizes, and pickup and drop-off times, call the numbers provided or access provider websites. Keep in mind that, as with other popular airports in Europe, to book a car rental ahead of arrival, especially during the height of summer to ensure that a car is available when you land.

For additional information regarding Dubrovnik International Airport and its services, access their website at or contact them at + 385 20 773 100.  The airport is located at 20213 Cilipi – Konavle, Croatia.

Milan Airport


Milan Airport, officially known as the Milano Malpensa Airport (IATA code: MXP) is the largest airport of three that operate for the city. Despite being named for Milan, the airport is a substantial distance away – 40 kilometers. Each year, nearly 19 million passengers pass through the two terminals and three runways. As a result of the passenger volume, Milan Airport is the 21st busiest airport in Europe.

Brief History

Milan Airport started as a civil airport and began operations in 1948 as a result of the reconstruction period after World War II. Today, the airport serves as a hub destination for Alitalia and provides passengers with a range of international flights and low cost carriers.


There is a variety of services provided to passengers passing through the Milan terminals. International and domestic flights arrive and depart daily – shops, restaurants and bars are conveniently located within Terminal 1 and 2 with visible signs pointing passengers in the right direction. A Sky Lounge offers passengers a relaxing spot to wait for departing flights.

Car Hire Services

mietwagen 500x342Car hire services make it easy for passengers to leave Milan Airport and explore the surrounding region. All of the car hire desks are conveniently situated in the arrival hall of Terminal 1 and 2, and feature many of the major companies to suit budget needs or size requirements. Compare the different companies and contrast prices by visiting:

As one of the top destinations in Europe, it is advised to pre-book car hires before arriving in Milan. During peak travel seasons, a higher demand might limit the number of available vehicles during a given time. Always be sure to call a selected car hire company to secure a car before arriving in order to have an ample range of options.

Look for additional information on the Milan Airport website or call customer service at +39 02 232323. Milan Airport is located at 21010 Ferno Varese, Italy.